This one plant is very similar to mint leaves, if you don’t know it, you will be wrong. This ornamental plant is more familiarly called Creeping Charlie, the Latin name is Pilea Nummulariifolia. Generally, the cultivation of creeping charlie plants is most often planted as wall hangings, hanging, and as ground cover. Most people call it mint flower, because of its beautiful green color covering the ground. Therefore you need the best weed killer for creeping charlie for the best Creeping Charlie treatment.

Creeping Charlie Plant Cultivation This plant is thought to have come from the Caribbean, including Florida and northern South America. The advantages of this plant can be planted in the house, such as how to care for and plant the tongue of the in-laws. It is not difficult to cultivate creeping charlie, and likes a shady place, away from the sun.

Creeping Charlie Plant Cultivation This plant is widely used as a ground cover or ground cover. Another term is known as green ground ivy which grows a lot in the tropical forests of South America and the West Indies. Creeping Charlie has an attractive leaf texture, glossy green leaves, and is often used as a trailing plant. To decorate a hanging basket, terrarium, or Vivarium. Terrarium or Vivarium, a medium or container made of transparent glass containing plants.

Like most houseplants, this charlie creeping thrives in warm climates. And growth will be fast if it is in the shade indoors and outdoors. This plant will look beautiful if used as a ground cover, such as forming a rug effect. The cultivation of charlie creeping plants is very easy, it can be done in the following ways: 1. Reproduction of plants can be done by stem cuttings. Cultivation with flowers is not so significant, the fastest is using cuttings. 2. Prepare a wide pot or soil surface that has been coated with compost mixed with sand. 3. Make sure the pot and the land to be planted are protected from sunlight or the shade under the trees. 4. Cut each stem 10 cm long, leaving 3 to 4 leaves so that the plant can take photos of the synthesis. 5. Plant each stem 20 cm apart, then water with water. 6. Keep the soil moist so that it is not flooded. Soil that is too wet can cause plants to rot.

The cultivation of the charlie creeping plant, Pilea Nummulariifolia species, does not require special care. Except for weeding from annoying weed plants. The growth of this plant is very fast, in less than two weeks the stem cuttings can sprout. In hot weather conditions, make sure the soil is not dry and water it once a day.