Constructing skyscrapers is not an easy thing. Requires definite planning, good materials and tools, and skilled workers. One that is often used to assist in the building construction process is scaffolding. The use of scaffolding is needed. So that companies that will build tall buildings are looking to Scaffold tower hire providers. Actually, what is the function of scaffolding itself? The first scaffolding function is to support humans. If in ordinary building construction like a house, maybe we will be more familiar with Steger However, the use of a Scaffold tower for building construction is the equivalent of a skyscraper, it feels like it will not help much. So scaffolding is made. In this infrastructure development, we often find scaffolding (scaffolding or Scaffold tower) which is used either to do work at a height or to support the part of the building above it (formwork).

The use of this scaffold, if it is not appropriate and does not meet safety standards, will increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, in this paper and several articles in the future, I will briefly review the scaffold from the planning stage to the inspection of the scaffold that has been built. We start by understanding the types and parts of scaffolding. Rental scaffolding is more helpful for building contractors to reduce costs. By leasing scaffolding, so you don’t have to think about budget or expenses to buy materials to make scaffolding. A scaffolding frame or frame is a type of scaffolding that is composed of frames in the form of contacts, accompanied by cross-bracing, and can be equipped with stairs inside and outside. This type of scaffolding, scaffolding, or Scaffold tower is the type we most often encounter in projects for homes or other construction.

Scaffolding, scaffolding, or Scaffold tower truss composed of folding ladders connected by pipes or iron poles using a clamp. Because using a folding ladder, you must measure whether the height of the platform is the same because if it is not the same height then the load will be heavier to just one of the stairs.