In addition to building a house and various elements of the interior, bamboo can also be used for exterior or outdoor purposes, one example is a fence. It’s just that so far we often see a fence made of bamboo always have an ordinary appearance and only suitable to be applied to building homes that use the traditional style. Whereas bamboo fences can actually be made for building houses that use modern style design, for example, is a bamboo fence can be very special so as to add value to the building. This happens because the design is made more special and can present a more luxurious feel but still have a natural character. The work of this bamboo fence will be better if done by an expert who you can get at extra resources.

The interesting idea to make a unique fence of bamboo and wood is actually not a difficult thing to do alone, the most important thing is we are able to create and create new and more unique and interesting new designs and forms so that the fence can be the main attraction in the building especially when viewed from outside. As we have seen, the size of the fence is quite high and close to almost all parts of the house, so the maker of this bamboo fence is intentionally used as a point of interest in buildings, especially on the door elements. Fence gates use two leaves or double, bamboo is arranged vertically using a wooden frame, the appearance of the fiber is quite interesting so it does not need to be color or paint. In addition, without the use of paint to make the look of wood can be blended with the element of bamboo. At the top, the bamboo arrangement of the two-door stocks is cut in such a way that the shape is semi-circular, so the wood used for the upper frame should also be formed according to the size of the bamboo arrangement. In order to make the bamboo arrangement can be stronger and not easily wobble, in the middle is given a smaller frame of other wood and placed flat or crossed.