It’s your first time watching a concert, surely you will feel a little confused. Starting from asking questions about what to bring, to choosing the right outfit when going to a concert. If you are interested in taking part in the Flamenco Berlin festival, check out more info here .

So, to answer your curiosity, there are a few tips you can do before leaving for a concert. Of course, make watching this concert the most enjoyable moment and can make you enjoy it.

So that you don’t feel as if you are lost or clueless, pay attention to these tips for watching a concert for the first time.

Tips for Watching the First Concert, Don’t Miss Something!
As your first time watching a concert, there are several things you need to prepare so you don’t feel surprised. Here are some tips for watching the first concert for you. Don’t forget anything.

1. Make sure it is physically fit
This is very important, for you to pay attention to. Physical health also affects your mood when watching concerts, you know. Don’t let it, on the day of the D, you fall sick, and cause you to be less excited about watching your idol’s concert.

We recommend that you prepare enough rest time before the D-day, and don’t forget to fill your stomach just before starting to enter the venue. That way, your body will be more able to work together to get ready to jump and dance together.

2. Use the Most Comfortable Outfit
Don’t let the wrong costume moment happen to you. Because the outfit is also a determinant of your comfort when watching concerts later. If you go to concerts indoors, make sure to wear clothes that warm your body. Because usually, the air conditioner will be set cool enough.

As for outdoor, choosing a t-shirt or other outfit that absorbs sweat can be the best choice. Avoid using clothes that make you feel complicated yourself. Like using high heels, tote bags, and the like.

3. Don’t Forget to Bring a Ticket
This one is not to be forgotten. Also, pay attention to some of the procedures given by the promoter before the D day arrives. Usually, for those of you who buy concert tickets online, it is necessary to exchange e-vouchers for physical tickets. Pay attention to the exchange time so you can get a physical ticket that is useful as your entry ticket to the concert venue.

4. Arrive Early
Tips for watching a concert for the first time on this one are really useful for those of you who choose ticket categories such as festivals or stands that don’t have seat numbers. Because, of course, you will compete with thousands of other viewers to get the best spot. If you choose the festival category, you should come early to get the front row and get closer to your idol!

5. Bring drinking water
Maybe for some promoters, you don’t want to bring bottles of water and food into the event venue. However, if the prohibition on bringing food and drinks is not stated in the regulations, you should prepare a drink. Because surely you will be tired and feel thirsty for several hours singing and dancing together with your idol singer.