Getting money on the internet is indeed an upward trend today. Social media, which was previously only used to exchange messages, can now also be used to earn money. No exception to Facebook using the Affiliate Marketing program, by looking at it here commission hero pro reviews.

Maybe you are already familiar with selling new/used items on Facebook groups. But apparently, the way to get money on Facebook is not limited to selling. Here we discuss some of the methods below.

1. Selling on Facebook Groups
This method is probably the easiest and the most famous. Do you have an item that you want to sell quickly? Just join the Facebook group. There are two types of Facebook groups that are commonly used for selling, namely groups with certain topics and buying and selling forums.

For example, if you want to sell used cellphones, just join a group that is actively discussing everything related to cellphones. Or you want to sell sneakers, then just join the sneakers community group.

2. Create a Facebook Group
You can create a Facebook group that discusses the topic of the products you sell. So this group will be like an online forum/community to gather and discuss. Try to keep you as the group owner always interacting with the members so that the group is always active. Starting from asking, answering, or sharing related content. In addition to making them feel at home in the group, this can also make your group a trusted group on the topic. However, you as the group owner must filter the existing questions and answers. Also, don’t let the topic of discussion get sidetracked or a useless coachman debate occurs.

5. Create Facebook Ads
Different from the three methods above, making Facebook Ads requires capital. This is because Facebook Ads are advertisements aimed at Facebook users. But the capital is not much.

So, by creating Facebook Ads, you can get a lot of benefits. Starting from determining specific ad targets, remarketing, to gathering leads.