Mouse for gaming is an important component for gamers. That’s why the selection must be in accordance with the gamer’s playing style to improve game performance. So before buying it, make sure that you as a gaming enthusiast already know how to choose the right gaming mouse. We know that every gamer has different preferences regarding the appearance and features of a gaming mouse. Different styles, different features needed. However, your choice, there are some gaming mouse features that are really important for you to pay attention to when choosing or buying it. So, see tips for choosing this gaming mouse.

The higher the gaming mouse sensitivity you buy, the better the gaming mouse will be. The sensitivity of this mouse is also measured in units of DPI (Dots per Inch) or it could be CPI (Character per Inch). So in essence, if your gaming mouse has high sensitivity, it means you only need a little movement to move the cursor at a certain distance on the monitor screen. A gaming mouse with high sensitivity like this is perfect for those who like to play shoot games or fast movements or when you play on a large screen.

Programmable buttons
The next notable feature is the programmable buttons. With this feature, we can program keys to be used as shortcuts, or to perform several functions at once (macro keys). This way, pressing just one programmable button on a gaming mouse can replace a series of keystrokes.

Tips for choosing the next gaming mouse are acceleration or acceleration. Mouse acceleration is usually expressed in units of G, where one G is equivalent to 9.8 meters per second. This feature greatly affects the ability of a gaming mouse to move based on how fast you move the mouse. Usually, a mouse with high acceleration is accompanied by a low to medium DPI setting so that the mouse gets better accuracy.