There are many types of paintball games. Always wear your mask. In the arena, there will be a safe zone where you can remove your masks and talk to each other. The play zone is all territory except the safe zone, and here your mask should always be worn. When in the game zone, remove the gun guard. After the safety is removed and the game begins, you can charge and shoot at your opponent. You can get the best tools on

Leave the arena when you’ve been shot. When a paint bullet hits a player and breaks, the player must leave the game arena while raising his hand so as not to be shot repeatedly by other players. If the bullet bounces off without leaving color on the player being shot, that player may continue playing. Therefore, the player is partly responsible for reporting a shot hit. It would be more fun if all the players were sporty and played by the rules.

Aim at your opponent well. Paint bullets are heavier and slower than regular bullets, so they fall more easily off the line of fire, even at short distances. You need to keep this in mind when shooting, aim slightly higher than the target, and ahead of moving targets. The neck is a great place to shoot, as it is a vital area and the drop should not be too far from the target. If your target is moving, aim ahead of your target’s direction of movement. Besides, imagine that your opponent’s neck is shoulder-width apart as this is usually where the bullets will hit. Don’t aim for the opponent’s head or face. Apart from being dangerous and unsportsmanlike, this shot had no effect in determining the winner.

Just keep moving. When in the game arena, don’t stay in one place too long. Do not also move erratically without direction. Choose a hiding location, then head there while keeping your body low and moving fast. However, there are times when you need to take cover and wait. Wait for the opponent to show up and make a mistake.

Coordinate attacks, movements, and team strategy before starting matches and listen to your teammates while on the field. Have a strategy meeting with teammates before competing.